Choosing the right digital SLR camera

Choosing the right digital SLR camera is a complicated affair with a flood of its own brands and types of cameras on the market.There are at least 10 companies camera makers (Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, and Sony) and a total of about 40 types of SLR.

If my father gives legacy lens 

Yes, if your dad gives legacy lenses from film era, this could change the decision. Some of today’s digital SLR cameras remain compatible with autofocus camera lens in the era of film. Brand digital SLR Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Minolta (now Sony) will be compatible with lenses that cater to their autofocus SLR cameras in the days of film. Bring your old lenses had to store camera to ensure compatibility with the camera to be purchased.

Cameras are often used to friends? 

Cameras are often used friends also can affect our decisions. If your friends wear a lot of Canon, for example, buy a Canon. If they use Nikon, buy Nikon. This will help us in the case of “borrow free lens.”

Ease of service and after sales 

Try your best to buy a camera from a local store in your town, if not try to buy from the nearest town. When the cameras need repaired or cleaned the sensor for example, the service will be faster than sending it via the package and so on. In addition, we may be allowed to borrow free of charge provided backup camera for a camera shop serviced (because the camera service normally takes a long time). Also worth considering is how well the reputation of a camera manufacturer serving customers complaints.

Budget is an important factor in determining which cameras will be purchased. Make peace with money, build systems not only need a SLR camera, but also some important accessory lenses and other (photo-processing software, computers, tripods, filters, flash, camera bag, battery backup, etc.). If there dikantong USD. 20 Million, not wise if they spent just a camera. There are suggestions from senior photographers that have a quality lens to make our pictures better than if it has a good camera but the lens is bad.

How serious your 

If from the beginning you want a serious plunge into photography, not far away from Nikon or Canon. Both these producers are the masters SLR camera market.

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