Shiitake Mushroom Business delicious, delicious as mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms (lentinula edodes) is one type of fungus that comes from China. Even so, this fungus is more popular among the public at large as a typical Japanese mushrooms as “Shiitake”. In East Asia, shiitake mushrooms cultivated in many regions of China, Korea and Japan.

Shiitake mushrooms used by consumers as a source of food and medicine. Countries like Japan in this fungus usually processed into miso soup, fried as tempura, mixed chawanmushi, udon, mushrooms and chips used as various other types of processed shiitake mushrooms. While the Russian state, shiitake mushrooms are usually used as a pickle and sold in bottles.

When compared with the price of other consumption mushrooms, shiitake mushroom species have economic value is much higher.Even today the price of fresh shiitake mushrooms on the market could reach USD-IDR 30000.00 70000.00 per kilogram, and for dried shiitake mushrooms can be sold at a price above Rp 100.000,00 / kg. So do not be surprised if the gains offenders shiitake mushroom cultivation can be larger than other mushrooms growers.

Though the number of farmers has not been as much as shiitake or oyster mushrooms mushroom growers of other consumption. These conditions can be utilized as an opportunity to gain huge profits from the business of mushroom cultivation. So that your business can run smoothly and you get a turnover could be even greater.

While the marketing strategy that you can do that is with shiitake mushroom market products to traditional markets, dropped him to the supermarket, or a partnership with the culinary business people who need shiitake mushrooms as a main ingredient of their cuisine.

For those of you who market shiitake mushrooms to the traditional markets, the important thing is to adjust the selling price of your product with a target market that usually came from among the lower middle. And a third strategy is to offer dried shiitake mushrooms to the culinary business. Scheduling strategy is important to do so could shiitake mushroom product demand continues to be fulfilled every day.

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